Treehous Privacy Policy

Updated Tuesday, June 21, 10:34am UTC+0

The Company

Treehous is a social app providing social media services to users. "We", "Us", "Our" all refer to the name Treehous and the associating brand.

Collected Information

When you visit Treehous, we collect information about your device, your browser, and your interactions with the site. This data is collected through Splitbee Analytics and Cloudflare Browser Insights.

Your Email

Upon enlisting in our waitlst, your email will be processed and sent to Sendgrid and our Supabase database. The email address will be used to send you updates about Treehous.

Use of Data

Your data may be used to improve the quality of the site and to provide you with a better experience.

As a visitor of the Treehous site:

  • No information is shared with advertising companies
  • No information is monetized
  • No personal information is collected


For inqueries, please contact us at [email protected]